About Us

Nestled in the beautiful Treasure Valley, Idaho and enjoyed coast to coast. TruCalibre is proud to be designed and manufactured in the greatest country on Earth. Specializing in the shooting sports and outdoor industries, TruCalibre offers a quality option to America's favorite past time. 

Please take a moment and get to know the Executive team at TruCalibre.



Noelle Best 

Noelle Best is a 2A, freedom loving American served best with coffee and a side of sarcasm. In her free-time you will NOT find her writing bios about herself as they make her want to crawl into a hole and start a new life underground, though being a partner here at TruCalibre, it demanded one. (cough-cough-JUSTIN)  So, she perseveres. Noelle has tackled many positions in her past and strives to acquire knowledge and experience to build onto being a jack of all trades. With great problem-solving skills, comes great responsibility… and endless hats to wear. The three of us have joined together to make new and improved USA made parts, and have a little fun while doing it, because- ‘Merica. 🇺🇸


Chris Eacker

Chris Eacker from mere weeks old has spent the majority of his life buried in the outdoor world whether it be hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, or sitting around the campfire. Growing up in the great state of Idaho gave him every opportunity to explore and enjoy everything God's green Earth has to offer. Graduating with a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering has given Chris the opportunity to design and develop industry changing technologies and designs throughout the archery and gun industry in his short professional career.


Justin Graves

Justin is no stranger to the shooting sports industry. Having worked with many reputable national and international firearm manufacturing companies over the years, Justin has formed lasting relationships and partnerships. Justin has ventured down the road of entrepreneurship and has been involved in multiple companies. He currently co-owns Centerfire Distillery; known for their flavored moonshines, gold medal whiskey, and Hoyser Country Drunken Bean™ Coffee Whiskey (dangerously delicious!). Justin enjoys frolicking in the outdoors, cheering on his beloved Boise State Broncos and making his business partners write bios about themselves (you're welcome Noelle).